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Organise a visit from 2 Olympic, Paralympic, or Team GB athlete to your school. The athlete will stay for a full school day, and deliver inspirational assembly style presentations aimed top wow the students. The athletes will also deliver up to 16 fun & enjoyable PE lessons with different groups of children throughout the day. 





  • 9am - 3pm school day

  • 2 x team GB Olympians

  • 2 x assembly presentations

  • Q&A session with children

  • 16 x PE lessons (30 mins each)



  • What is a Virtual Olympian School Visit?
    A virtual Olympian school visit is the new way to inspire kids, engage parents, and motivate staff. It involves a Olympic, Paralympic, or team GB athlete, starting. a Zoom chat with a school, with the aim to inspire & educatate the next generation.
  • What is covered in a Virtual Visit?
    During a virtual visit the Olympic, paralympic, or team GB athlete will deliver presentations and PE lessons that can cover a range of different topics. Virtual presentation topics include: The History of the Olympic Games The Science of Sprinting presentation The Sports Drink Challenge Healthy Eating, Diet & Nutrition Positivity & Happiness Disability Awareness How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Benefits of Exercise Drug Awareness Anti Bullying Anti Racism Virtual Olympic / Paralympic Sports Coaching Sports Coaching can include: Olympic style warm ups Speed, agility and reaction drills Blocks and sprint starts Sprint relays and baton changes The Endurance Challenge Competitive relay races Hurdle technique work & practice Shot, discus & javelin training High jump technique work & practice Learning the Fosbury flop Long jump & triple jump training Learning how to leg shoot Sports day We also provide virtual coaching for sport specific activities such as Tennis, Badminton, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Swimming, Cycling, Weightlifting, American Football, Basketball & Triathlon.
  • How to orgsanise a Virtual Visits?
    Organising a visit it easy. It only takes a few simple steps, and Athletes In Schools will do the rest! Step 1 Talk to our team. Tell us what you are thinking and we will recommend a scheme that fits your needs. Step 2 Select the Olympic, Paralympic, or Team GB athlete. Step 3 Lets organise the timetable for the event. And make sure it suits the schools and parents. Step 4 Announce the event to parents and send the Zoom link so that everyone can join in. Step 5 Let Athletes In School deliver the event to the highest standards.
  • How flexible is a Virtual Visit?
    We are very flexible. Tell us what you are looking for and we will create a package around your requirements.
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